Digitalizing Ports and Terminals

Based on the core system 1Logistics™ Protostellar™ is now offering a digital and highly secured
platform to automate and optimize processes by using, sharing and enriching existing data in various
systems. The key functionalities are disposition of tracks in the terminal or port, synchronization with
the approaching trains coming from various networks, estimated time of arrival of containers, direct
booking on ships, visualizing status quo and potential arising conflicts on Big Screens, a safe
messenger between the various operators on desktops or on smartphones and many more.

In a joint discussion we will define Priorities and set your objectives. Protostellar™ is delivering in agile
development with many possibilities for you to actively influence and why not co-develop, so that
Know-How transfer is done from day one.

As for any offer of Protostellar™, the focus is set on a low initial investment and a pay per use model.
Main objective is to give our customers the tools to become a digital service provider on their own.