With 1Logistics™ Protostellar™ offers a secured data integration platform, which is
automatically registering containers at the ports and various other stakeholders in
intermodal container transport. Furthermore trains are loaded automatically and in
an optimized way, depending amongst oters on the loads, destiantions and weight
distributions. Heavy manual processes are processed automatically, Information is
generated and shared. 1Logistics™ is a pure pay per use service. The customer
decides how extensively he wants to use the system, either for peaks only or to
shift completely its manual processes to 1Logistics™.
A daily statistics gives an overview of the processed containers. There are no
minimum quantities or contractually defined durations. Thanks to the easy Business
Modell and the directly visible savings this sector is very fast growing since the
foundation of Protostellar™ and handles already today a six digit amount of
containers on an annual basis.