Track & Predict

Follow in real-time the position of your containers and precisely estimate their ETA to optimize your operations.

Identifiy where your goods are and when they will arrive. Anywhere in the world.

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Protostellar is providing a series of tools to digitalize your logistics and improve your performances.

The Track & Predict module aims at giving you full visibility on your containers route and ETA.
Through our user-friendly application, get a clear picture of all your assets in real time and plan efficiently the rest of your operations.

Physical tracking device

Easy and resistant set-up via magnets

Current position

ETA prediction, through network data and machine learning algorithms

Shared access to any stakeholders

Live KPIs, position and status of containers

Data security from the beginning.

Held on Thales Digital Platform,
powered and secured by Thales.

How Track & Predict works

To start tracking, physical device must be mounted on the containers, wagons, trucks, trains or reach stackers depending on your needs.
They are water resistant and can be mounted via strong magnets inside or outside the containers. The battery lives up to 3 years.
The devices are to be bought from Protostellar. The use of the platform is then free, independently of how many devices are in service.
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