Founded in 2018 and based in Germany,  Protostellar™ is a start-up, closely linked to its majority owner and therefore part of Thales Deutschland.

Protostellar™ has 2 locations, the headquarters is located in Brechen (near Frankfurt) and the secondary site is in Ditzingen (near Stuttgart).

This  set-up has been chosen in order to have a strong agility combined with a very competitive structural cost base. Both are crucial to offer solutions that  can increase the profitability of our customers and to sustain in the business sector of worldwide Cargo Container, where every Euro/Dollar counts.

Protostellar's team consists of highly skilled IT engineers that are working around the clock to develop new features and secure your data.
Protostellar™ has a global presence and can be your local partner in 68 countries in order to serve your needs, wherever you and your operations are.